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We Welcome New Members

Membership in the Section Club offers:

  • The opportunity to join up to 17 groups geared toward personal interests and hobbies

  • An invitation to the Fall Garden Reception, Beehive Luncheon, Intercampus Open House, and Spring Fundraiser

  • Participation in our Services Offered Students, S.O.S. meetings held in Fall and Spring and learn how we help Cal students through our various funds and grants

  • Several ways to provide valuable financial support to UC Berkeley students and programs. 

  • Access to campus volunteer outlets

  • Our newsletter, The Breeze

  • Participation in a time-honored community that thrives on friendship and philanthropy

  • Annual dues are $50 per couple or $35 per person

Membership inquiries are welcome.  

Please contact us at:

Membership Dues and Donations


Membership dues can be paid by check or electronically. To pay electronically, we are using a secure site called Cheddar Up which allows the payor to use a credit card, if desired, paying a small fee. The fee for using a credit card is 3.5% of the transaction, plus 45¢; for example, the fee for a $35 dues payment would be $1.68. Alternatively, for less than the cost of a stamp, you can pay using an electronic transfer from your bank account for 45¢. There is no need to set up an account for payment. To pay dues or make a donation electronically click here Cheddar Up





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